OMR Group Stands Behind “The Working with Cancer Pledge”

This global initiative was launched by Publicis in Davos and was signed by many of the world’s major companies

Among the first in Serbia, OMR Group has publicly supported the global initiative known as “The Working with Cancer pledge.” Representing the Group, its Vice President, Siniša Pratljačić, signed the initiative, clearly emphasizing the concern for employees as one of the fundamental principles on which every successful company, including OMR Group, is built.

The goal of the initiative is to destigmatize cancer and other serious chronic illnesses requiring intensive treatment in the workplace. Research indicates that as many as 50% of cancer patients fear informing their employer about their diagnosis due to the fear of losing their job. On the other hand, the significance of workplace support is evident, with 92% of respondents stating that colleague support significantly impacted their health.

This global initiative was launched by Publicis in Davos and has been signed by many major global companies. It includes the following provisions:

1. We will provide job security, income, and benefits for all employees diagnosed with cancer for at least one year, allowing them to focus on their health treatments.

2. All employees will receive individualized treatment and personalized career support upon their return to work.

3. Employees diagnosed with cancer will have access to volunteer colleagues specially trained to provide support.

4. Employees who are primary caregivers for family members requiring assistance will receive specially defined personal and professional support through flexibility in time and tasks at work to conserve the energy needed to provide primary care.

5. Additional individual support measures determined by the company itself. OMR Group signed the initiative during the Kopaonik Business Forum and, by its example, aims to encourage other Serbian and regional companies to join “The Working with Cancer Pledge” initiative.

OMR Grupa je inicijativu potpisala tokom Kopaonik biznis foruma, a svojim primerom želi da pozove i druge srpske i regionalne kompanije da se priključe inicijativi “The Working with Cancer Pledge”.