OMR Group / Payments

Led Pay is an electronic money institution that provides quick and simple access and management of finances. As a licensed institution registered with the National Bank of Serbia, Led Pay has a goal to simplify and speed up all types of payments and transfers of funds through a secure and efficient issuance of electronic money and its use at more than 1300 partner locations throughout Serbia. In this way, Led Pay enables the payment of bills, fees, taxes, takings and transfer of funds to another account, outside the traditional payment operations system in Serbia.
The users may come into possession of electronic money after the payment of funds via payment card, transfer from the account or direct payment. Electronic money may be purchased by any natural or legal person that concludes a contract and receives a certificate containing a unique number that enables the disposal of electronic money. In this way, the electronic money institution guarantees the safety of money, enables the disposal of money and at the same time protects the holder’s funds from abuse.