Interview with Ostoja Mijailovic, President of OMR Group

Everything started with British Motors – exclusive distributor for Jaguar Land Rover in the Western Balkans. Could you kindly elaborate more on the process of expanding your business into the OMR Group as is today?

Ostoja: It all started back in 2002. when we were a small, family business in Cacak with the vision that customer satisfaction with the service provided is the only measure of our success. Since then, we have grown and developed in accordance with our capacities and desire to fight for a unique position in the market and most importantly – for the trust of our customers.

Becoming an exclusive distributor for Jaguar Land Rover Group in the Western Balkans, was a true reward for our accomplishments. Today, our venture turned into OMR Group – a business system of companies dedicated to automotive, insurance, leasing, fleet management, payment, nautics and real estate.

Currently, our Group counts over 15,000 clients whose trust we earned by the quality of our products and services, keeping pace with the needs of the market, and enabling an entrepreneur to provide themself and their company with everything they need to do business in the contemporary dynamic environment. We have turned the experience gained during our own development into an organisation that guarantees clients time and engagement savings, thanks to the companies that operate within our group – Globos Insurance, AKS fleet solution, Mios limo service and rent a car, Fleet Management Team, Lux invest and others.

Despite many challenges 2022 brought, OMR Group managed to record a highly productive business year and position itself as the market leader. Could you share your secret to the success?

Ostoja: Commitment, discipline and persistence. We are a unique business Group in Serbia which guarantees the retention of our clients with our own reputation and capital. This is a great starting point for building the trust. We are proud of our word-of-mouth reputation which helped us to expand on a daily basis. Of course, it takes a lot of time, energy, trainings and self-development for all our employees and partners, but the Group’s final results showcase that everything was worth it.

You have been supporting the Chamber’s work for more than a decade, most recently as one of our Board Directors as well. Could you elaborate your experience on how the BSCC has progressed over the years as well as the importance of the trade between the UK and Serbia?

Ostoja: The Chamber is steadily growing year by year, and its impact is noticeable in business community. Our projects are becoming bigger as well as their overall influence since. Amongst many, I would like to point out 2 that we are really proud of – IFE Food Fair in London and the Trade Mission to Serbia. The Chamber’s calendar for 2023 is almost fully booked with various interesting projects including another Trade Mission, this time in UK, which is planned for the first half of the year.

Moreover, we work very closely to keep great relations with both Embassies in the UK and Serbia, and to stay on the track of social responsibility. Last December, we organised Christmas Reception, the charity fundraiser at The White Palace in Belgrade. On this occasion, we were all able to show our adherence to the community.

During 2022, we have seen some impressive achievements accomplished by your team. Could you share more on OMR Group’s plans for the forthcoming year? Could you elaborate further on the business trends for 2023?

Ostoja: What we set as a challenge within the OMR Group, but where we also see an opportunity, is the education of the market towards mobility. Prices of new vehicles will go up, and mobility will be the best solution for both professional and personal choices. In this segment, beside existing car insurance and kasko,  we see our chance in developing other products. Finally, in the payment sector, we will focus on e-payment through our Led Pay company. We will develop e-wallet and connect it with some other e-commerce services.