Globos Insurance at the International Symposium on the Future of Insurance

Siniša Pratljačić, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Globos Insurance, participated in the panel “Contemporary Issues in Insurance Practice” on June 7, 2024 , at Hotel Izvor in Aranđelovac during the 21st International Symposium. The panel discussed the transformation of the insurance market in response to new challenges.

At the same symposium, organized by the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade and the Serbian Actuarial Association, Dr. Branko Pavlović, a member of the Board of Directors of Globos Insurance, delivered a presentation on the potential, opportunities, and challenges of insurance in the metaverse.

The discussions on these topics were both useful and inspiring, guiding the development of insurance in a new direction. Globos Insurance is prepared for all the changes and challenges that the modern market brings.