Fleet Management Team gathers experts with many years of experience in the field of traffic, transport, logistics and fleet management, knowledge of business processes and development and implementation of IT solutions.

The Fleet Management Team relies on successful cooperation with partners in its business, and with its GPS vehicle tracking service it completes the portfolio of products and services of the automotive division of the OMR Group.

The company’s activities are carried out through three organizational units: FMT Telematika, FMT EV Chargers and FMT Fiscal.


FMT Telematics
Consulting in the field of transport and logistics, GPS tracking, automatic parking payment, integration of own GPS software solution with third-party software solutions.

FMT EV Chargers
A complete solution for charging electric vehicles. The offer includes all types of chargers, as well as an application for users and a platform for companies, with the service of connecting to a global network of chargers.

FMT Fiscal
Fleet Management Team is an importer and distributor of the Saturn 1000 fiscal device.


Goran Grujanić