FIAT GRANDE PANDA: Strategy for Launching Serbia’s First Ever Electric Car

CrossRoad Adria, a member of the OMR Group, has adopted a strategic plan aimed at launching the Fiat Grande Panda model, a car that will proudly be manufactured in Serbia and also marks the first electric vehicle ever produced in our country.

“We are proud that our company will be writing new chapters in the automotive industry’s future, both for FIAT in terms of introducing a completely new design focused on sustainable mobility, and for Serbia in terms of producing its first electric car,” stated Ivan Posavec, General Manager of CrossRoad Adria. “CrossRoad Adria has adopted a strategy for launching the Fiat Grande Panda model, and we are excited that FIAT, in the year of its significant anniversary celebrating 125 years, has introduced the Grande Panda model, ideal for families and modern urban environments.”

The FIAT Grande Panda is the debut model in a new family inspired by the 1980s Panda model, a compact family vehicle perfect for urban mobility in any country. The new Fiat Grande Panda is also the first model in the new global lineup, based on a multi-source energy platform, as FIAT transitions from local production to a global offering through a shared global platform. The Italian character of the Fiat Grande Panda is immediately evident through its iconic Italian design, synonymous with beauty and functionality.

The Grande Panda, a B-segment vehicle under 4 meters in length, features clean lines, well-organized space due to its compact size, and seats up to 5 passengers, making it perfect for comfortable family drives and modern urban mobility.

Grande Panda is the first new product in its family, and the new range of models is designed to conquer streets worldwide and complete the brand’s lineup. FIAT’s innovative project involves vehicle production on the same global and multi-energy Smart Car platform, operational in every region of the world, enabling the brand to create a variety of vehicles and meet the needs of customers globally. With its new design language, Fiat Grande Panda is expected to shape the future, part of the brand’s efforts to provide customers worldwide with a unique car that expresses its values through its distinctive design.

FIAT, one of the oldest automobile manufacturers with over a century of history, is a true global brand celebrating its 125th anniversary this year.

CrossRoad Adria doo is the general distributor of Fiat, Fiat Professional, Abarth, Jeep, and Alfa Romeo vehicles for the Serbian and Montenegrin markets. With a well-developed network of authorized dealers and service providers adhering to the highest standards of Stellantis, the company provides all necessary sales and after-sales services in major cities of Serbia and Montenegro.

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