Fiat, Alfa Romeo, and Jeep – Welcomed into the OMR Group Family

Crossroad Adria, a member of the OMR Group, recently started representing brands such as Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Jeep, among others. How significant is this step for the OMR Group, and how did you earn the trust of such brands?

The OMR Group emerged from the growth and development of a business that began over 20 years ago. From a small enterprise, we have evolved into a system comprising over 15 companies. Representing brands like Fiat, Alfa Romeo, and Jeep is a logical consequence after proving ourselves in the field of mobility through the work of our companies. We have also successfully represented major brands such as Jaguar Land Rover, Azimut Beneti, and recently Subaru, Isuzu, Kawasaki, Hyundai in Western Serbia.

Within our system, we have been offering integrated services to end-users for some time now. This means that customers can do everything related to the automotive industry in one place with us. From vehicle procurement and transport, registration, insurance, short-term financing, leasing, to service and vehicle maintenance, everything is practically under one roof. This is crucial for both clients and the brands we represent, as professionalism in this sector may be the key factor that sets you apart from the competition. Therefore, securing this deal is an important step in the desired direction of development for the OMR Group.

Can you reveal any future developments regarding Stellantis and their introduction to Serbia?

Regarding future developments by Stellantis, I would prefer not to speculate and leave it to the manufacturer to present. Regarding future developments by Stellantis, I would prefer not to speculate and leave it to the manufacturer to present. However, concerning the introduction of Fiat, Alfa Romeo, and Jeep brands, our idea is certainly to make these vehicles even more accessible to clients in our country. Drawing from our rich experience gained from years of work and constant listening to client needs, we are confident that the presence of Fiat, Alfa Romeo, and Jeep vehicles in our market will soon increase significantly.

As a successful businessman with two decades of experience in importing and distributing automobiles, how do you see the future of this industry, especially when sustainable mobility and electrification are integral parts of all plans?

Education of clients towards mobility will definitely continue through the provision of various types of services that make their lives and businesses easier. This is something we are actively working on within our Group. Besides various types of financing we have already mentioned, we expect to expand our car rental offerings, where vehicles are offered to individuals for specific periods. There is also the provision of limo services for business clients who do not need a permanent fleet. Additionally, we are developing applications that allow our clients to schedule technical inspections, services, tire changes, as well as installing GPS devices for legal entities to have better cost control and fleet management.

Regarding the transition to electric vehicles, their presence in our market is still negligible. It is certain that electric vehicles will penetrate a larger number of users primarily through the business sector, where people will be guided by economic viability. Once clients realize the benefits, they will decide to opt for electric vehicles to a greater extent. What is necessary is the education of future users of electric vehicles. People are hesitant towards electric vehicles mainly due to logistical concerns. They fear they won’t have a place to charge the battery or that they will get stranded. However, we already have enough solutions for every type of user.

In combination with all of this, people can use their vehicles without fear. Besides representing top electric vehicle manufacturers, we also offer chargers from a reputable manufacturer. Still, we are aware that people’s awareness is the key to the penetration of a greater number of electric vehicles into our market. At this moment, paying at public charging stations is challenging, but one of the companies within our Group has developed a local application with which it is possible to charge your electric vehicle at over 100 stations in Serbia, pay via credit card, and receive a domestic fiscal receipt.

The arrival of Stellantis vehicles under your wing means that you have greatly expanded the range of vehicles you were known for. In which direction will the development of the OMR Group continue? What are the Group’s plans for 2023?

As before, we are following market demands and listening to client needs. In addition to automotive, we are also present in the insurance, payment processing, and fiscal device distribution markets. We are working on developing our own new, more intuitive software solutions and applications to enhance the customer experience further.