OMR Group / Automotive

Almost two decades long tradition in the sale of used cars, followed by good reputation, has resulted in establishing British Motors Used Vehicles sector.
Our offer includes used cars of all brands that can be purchased at three locations – in Belgrade, Čačak and Podgorica.
All vehicles have transparent service history, original mileage and each of them is in exceptional condition. In addition to passenger cars, you can also find delivery vehicles with us, and there is also an option to make a purchase order. We offer options of loan and lease purchase of vehicles.
Please note that British Motors Used vehicles are not offering only used Jaguar and Land Rover cars, but vehicles of all other premium brands, as well as lower class brands.
We procure them through rigorous checks on the repurchase of old for new or exclusively from authorized dealers, as well as through verified import channels from the countries of the European Union.