Atomska Spa, also known as Gornja Trepča, is in the heart of Šumadija, at the foot of the Vujan
and Bukovik mountains, at an altitude of 460 meters. It is in a very favorable geographical
position: 140 km from Belgrade, 18 km from Čačak, and 9 km from Kraljevo and Gornji Milanovac.

Gornja Trepča is one of the most studied spas in our country, known for its specific physical and chemical characteristics of water. The concentrations of microelements, macroelements, and
radioactive elements (especially cesium) and their mutual relationships give the thermal mineral
water a specific therapeutic effect, especially on the nerves and muscles. In 1970, the
Balneology Institute from Belgrade, after performing physical chemical analyzes, included
Gornja Trepča in the row of natural health resorts, and in 2010 a Special Hospital for
Rehabilitation of Patients with Rheumatic and Neurological Diseases was founded in the spa.

Atomska Spa has been operating as part of OMR Group since the end of 2022, and the complete renovation and adaptation of the spa complex is underway.