AKS Fleet Solution doo is a company specialized in fleet management and includes long-term leasing of new passenger and light commercial vehicles primarily for legal entities and entrepreneurs, with the provision of complete fleet management services in accordance with the requirements and needs of our clients.

We provide the following services to clients: registration, auto liability insurance, comprehensive insurance, regular and emergency vehicle servicing during the warranty period and, if necessary, during the non-warranty period, procurement, storage and replacement of tires, management of adverse events, GPS vehicle tracking, all additional supporting services at the client’s request for the entire duration of the rental agreement with a high level of service quality and professionalism, which gives users the opportunity to relax in a safe and comfortable ride.

AKS Fleet Solution is an associate member of the Association of Leasing Companies in Serbia and a technical partner of DEKRA, which provides independent services for damage assessment, condition assessment and market value assessment of vehicles and all other lease items with or without an independent opinion of licensed forensic experts.

From 2018 AKS Fleet Solution is a partner of the German company Alphabet, one of the three most successful companies in the world dealing with full fleet management and is owned by the BMW Group.


Ivan Vranic

CEO of the company AKS Fleet Solution